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What People Are REALLY Saying About Farmington Hills Michigan

What People Are REALLY Saying About Farmington Hills Michigan - A couple weeks ago I created a post in one of the Farmington-Farmington Hills facebook groups asking what the WORST and Best things are about the area stay tuned to find out what they said...

As I mentioned I’m going to be reading REAL comments from REAL people who live and have lived in the Farmington-Farmington Hills area. I wanted to do a little something different outside the normal pros and cons, because I felt the information was a little repetitive so I wanted to find a way to give you more honest insight about the city and of course the best way to do that is by asking the people who eat, sleep and breathe in this area day in and day out. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the comments.

Starting off with the first one. This individual is actually from the Chicago suburbs and has lived here for 3 or so years. They enjoy the slower pace of things, but the downside for them is the lack of restaurants and food variety, but they have found some tried and true favorites to say the least. Going down this same comment, there were a few replies of people agreeing with the lack of food, but mentioning that the location is great, having Detroit just 20 miles or so away. I’d have to say the common trend I'm seeing scrolling through these comments is the complaint of not having just a place to get a cocktail with a good atmosphere, as a lot of the areas tend to be restaurant/bar hybrids.

Moving on over to another commenter, this person says the best part about Farmington and Farmington hills is the diversity, and the nature throughout the area while having so many parks throughout the cities. This same person also agreed that the food options are lacking but if you’re a fan of Indian food, you’’ find the best right here in Farmington-Farmington hills.

The next person said they love the accessibility, and feel like they live in the center of it all, and it’s true because if you take a look at the map, it’s so conveniently located near expressways and other highly desirable areas in southeast Michigan. Their biggest con is the construction. Being as the city is so wonderfully located, they tend to get the bulk of some of the road construction, but that tends to be the case with several of the other accessible cities across not only the state, but the country too. Someone replied to this comment saying they agree with everything they said, while adding they like all the events the city puts on as well.

Moving over to the next person, they talked about how nice the people are here, how awesome the schools are, the woods and wildlife that are plentiful and it’s not too far from shopping attractions and Detroit. Their con is it not being on a great lake and how they miss being down the street from some waves. This person was very much reminiscing on their times being close to Michigan great lakes and it’s true, there’s nothing like it, but a commenter said they feel the same way but reiterated that Lake St. Clair gives off that same great feeling.

Stepping over to the next commenter, this person talks about how high the property taxes are, and how they can’t understand how they could possibly be justified. And this point is a great one to talk about, because as I have mentioned in several of my other videos, Michigan cities tend to be fairly seamless into one another so being aware of the property taxes may influence whether you live right in the center of one of these cities or on the close outskirts in another city to save some money on your tax bills.

I wanted to make sure I included this next comment from someone who is from Farmington high school class of 1981, who moved out on their own in 1986 and still call Farmington home today. They shop weekly in the downtown area and go to the Irish pub Cowley's a couple times a month.

One of the highlighted comments on this post was someone saying the best part about living in Farmington-Farmington hills is some of the neighbors and the worst part is some of their neighbors. And I think all of us in this world can relate to that comment to a certain extent.

This next person touches on good being more younger families moving and all the wonderful events they hold downtown. The cons are the food and shopping scene and how everything is located north of Farmington hills such as the hawk, costick, preschool, ymca, etc.

With food and shopping being a pretty common con about living in Farmington and Farmington hills, someone came forward and spoke against that and said they enjoy the food variety on the south side of town, sushi house being amazing, the Mexican food options, the basement burger bar, cafe cortina, and just shedding light on how many options there are in just a 5 mile radius. And as you can tell these comments are highly opinionated as they should be, but they of course will contradict each other from time to time and I think it’s helpful to look into because it gives you multiple perspectives on the city as a whole.

Skipping through a few more comments here, several people enjoy the walkability, but dislike how there aren’t a lot of parks that allow leashed dogs, they don’t particularly like the look of apartments along their main strip of grand river and how there are too many car shops, but the community is safe with good schools.

Another commenter talks about their 3 children’s education and how it was good, but they dislike the Home owners associations. Aside from food and shopping, the HOA conversation has been one of the bigger dislikes about the area, and of course it’s one of those things where you either love them or you hate them, and it really comes down to how much value they provide you in perspective to how much you pay monthly or annually.

The best part about the area for this next person is how it’s relatively safe and has a good cost of living along with good schools and diversity. The less optimal part is the downtown area needs a little more life, maybe some night life activity to encourage the residents to flock downtown and support some local businesses in new ways. They wish there were some more live events and game nights to encourage resident participation and build up the community feel.

Going through a few more comments here, this person agrees with several of the comments I spoke about. They love the quaint downtown area, the ice skating, farmers market, pavilion games, Friday night concerts and other free community activities. They wish there were more dining and nightlife opportunities and more businesses to occupy more of the vacant spaces in some of the strip malls on Grand river avenue.

The next person talks about how it’s a great community feel, they love the lights downtown, the schools are awesome and how they give everyone a chance to be successful and are full of diversity. The cons in their opinions are not having too much to do in the downtown area and wish there were some more restaurants to choose from.

The last couple comments on this post summed up that they think it’s a wonderful place to live, great people, great community, parks, easy access with great location and diversity. The cons are there are few restaurants open past 9 or 10 pm.

I know I just rattled off a lot of information your way in no particular order, but I hope it gave you some insider insight about the Farmington-Farmington hills area.

If you live or have lived in the area, what did they miss? Comment your thoughts below!



Andrew McManamon is a Michigan REALTOR® with Signature Sotheby’s International Realty and provides real estate services to Buyers, Sellers and Investors throughout SE Michigan including Livingston County, Oakland County, Washtenaw County, Genesee County & beyond. Andrew has become one of the rising stars of Michigan real estate agents. Prior to his real estate career Andrew was responsible for managing a senior living facility in Brighton, Michigan as a dining supervisor and an activities assistant. Andrew’s passion to help people is unlike any other, and he continues to strive to be best resource he can be. Andrew graduated from Cleary University in Howell, Michigan with a double major and currently resides in White Lake, Michigan.


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