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The BEST Neighborhoods To Live in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

best places to live in Bloomfield hills Michigan

So you're thinking about making the move to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and you're trying to find the PERFECT community to call your new home. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, there's no such thing as perfect, but there's pretty darn close. I'm going to break down the BEST neighborhoods in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, so you don't exhaust yourself by having to drive every square inch of the area. Let's jump into it shall we.

bloomfield hills michigan | living in bloomfield hills michigan
Mercedes-Benz of Bloomfield Hills |

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of all this, I want to preface this with something so I don't get yelled at, "What do you mean Andrew that neighborhood is in the township, not the city". So, full disclosure, I'm referring to BOTH Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and Bloomfield Township, Michigan in this article because they are so often used interchangeably. The below Google Maps screenshot you'll see shows a border of Bloomfield Township which practically wraps itself around the little rectangle we call Bloomfield Hills.

bloomfield hills michigan | living in bloomfield hills michigan | bloomfield hills

  • Bloomfield Hills, Michigan: 5.04 Square miles in size with a population of around 4,400 people

  • Bloomfield Township, Michigan: 25.99 square miles in size with a population of around 43,000 people.

Okay, glad we got that figured out, I was stressing for a second. Oh and by the way, there is no "perfect" or "best" neighborhood because at the end of the day it's all preference, so there's not a rhyme or reason to the order I chat about these neighborhoods and the homes within them. I might call a historic Tudor home with an imported one-off countertop from Mars as "perfect", but you might think that's tacky and may lean more toward the new modern, sharp, minimalistic design instead. Aside from the fact that these areas are desirable, that doesn't mean they are the most prestigious and expensive in the area, this list is catered to a wide budget.

Okay, NOW let's get into it.

Bloomfield Village, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Bloomfield Village, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Welcome to Bloomfield Village! West Maple road cuts horizontally right across the neighborhood and goes north up to Quarton Road and south until 14 Mile Road. On the Northeast end of the neighborhood and going down the list, there's Birmingham Covington school, Morningside Heights, Rodeka Sub, Village Knoll, Bloomfield Commons, Westchester Village, Detroit Country Day Lower School, then going further south, there's Marian High School on the southwest side and Berkshire Forest on the Southeast side. If you step just east of the neighborhood on he south side you'll be right at Lincoln Hills Golf Course.

Now your question is, what was all that I just named off? Well, within these neighborhoods or communities are subdivisions, which a lot of times just consist of a few streets or even a single street lined with houses. It can get confusing, just know Bloomfield Village is the neighborhood or community that houses all these things.

The Bloomfield Village neighborhood is distinguished by its predominance of detached, single-family homes, with almost no other types of residential real estate. In fact, this neighborhood has one of the highest proportions of single-family homes. You can't bring "Cookie-cutter" into this neighborhood as it ranges in architectural types. In the last year, there are 84 active, pending and sold homes in the neighborhood ranging from a $336,000 home with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,920 total square feet, and built in 1958 on 0.24 acres to a to a $3,250,000 home on 0.79 acres with 8,100 total square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms total, and built in 1999.

Is there a difference between the north and south side of Bloomfield Village? In terms of price, it fluctuates quite a bit and doesn't have a rhyme or reason, BUT I will say, for those of you that are looking for more acreage (let's say over 1 acre), there's a section in the southern end of the neighborhood that has larger lots between the golf course and Marian High school (don't tell anyone I told you).

Charing Cross, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Charing Cross, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Good ole Charing Cross! I know what you're thinking, who was in charge of shaping these places? And I have that same question too, so let's sweep that under the rug for now. We'll blame it on the Springdale Golf Course and Manor Park for that. Charing Cross is cut in half horizontally by West Wattles Road, with East Long Lake Road being on the northside and West Big Beaver Road being the closest main road on the southside. On the north end going south, you have the Woodcrest lakes, Legacy Hills, Bloomfield Hunt and Bridle Sub, The Academy of the Sacred Heart, Charing Cross Hamlet, and Charing Cross Highlands. South of Wattles we have Bloomfield Estates, Adams Court, Riverside Meadows, Charing Cross Estates, Harlan Elementary School, Wilson's Bloomfield Farms, Nantucket Green, Adams Castle, Hickory Hollow, Gloucester Square, Bloomfield Adams Manor, as well as the SKLD+ Rehabilitation Center. Again, that list consisted of a lot of different subdivisions throughout the neighborhood.

In the last year, there's been 39 active, pending and sold homes ranging from a $386,000 home with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2,806 total square feet, situated on 0.60 acres and built in 1971 to a $5,995,500 home situated on 1.24 acres and built in 2024 with 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, with 10,100 total square feet.

Is there a "better" place to be north or south in this neighborhood? Again, not really, the home prices are pretty scattered once again not making any area more prestigious over another. But for those curious, the home that's almost $6 million is located on the north end near East Long Lake Road.

Do you see how Kensington Road is slanted toward the middle of the community? Okay, perfect we are on the same page. Just a FYI, there's train tracks that go right along Kensington road. Definitely something to keep in mind when buying a home, so you aren't waking up in the middle of the night to the Polar Express screaming in your backyard. You might want to ask, so what's their timetable? How often do they come by? That's a great question and I have asked the local municipality and they told me that is a matter of homeland security, which quickly diverted to, it comes by a couple times a day, and that's what I hear from most municipalities. I do however remember an article of people complaining about the idling of trains near their homes in 2019 when the strike was going on. Not saying a strike is going to happen, but it was frustrating enough to the residents to have an article written. I'll link that HERE.

Anyway, let's get back to it.

Bloomfield Hills East, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Bloomfield Hills East, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Welcome to Bloomfield Hill's East! And yes, there's a West and a Southwest too, that I'll talk about later. This neighborhood is on the north end of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (Just north of Charing Cross, they border each other on East Long Lake Road). Squirrel Road cuts the community in half vertically this time, where East Square Lake is the road the neighborhood borders on the north side and North Adams Road on the East, similar to Charing Cross in that way too. This neighborhood is just south of Heathers Club of Bloomfield, a gorgeous private gold club, as well as Charles L Bowers School Farm. Right from their about section, "Owned and operated by Bloomfield Hills Schools (BHS) since 1967, the Bowers School Farm has been a place for schools and our community to gather and celebrate agriculture. Now, more than ever, food, farming, and the outdoors are essential to healthy living and harmony with the world around us. With over 93 acres of forest, fields, gardens, and barns, there is always something new to explore." And definitely something new to explore is right!

When you zoom in from west to east, there's the East Hills Middle School, Hugo Hills Sub, Bloomfield Crossing Sub, North Bloomfield Sub, Foxhall, Concord Green, International Academy, Sterling Academy South, Bloomfield Hills Estate, Eastover Elementary School, Eastover Estates, and Northover Farms.

In the last year there are a total of 46 homes active, pending and sold ranging from a $369,000 home with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2,053 total square feet and built in 1962 on 0.31 acres to a $1.85 million home with 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 7,192 total square feet, situated on .056 acres and built in 2002.

Bloomfield Hills West, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Bloomfield Hills West, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Jumping to the West side, we have Bloomfield Hills West, and west it is. This neighborhood is bordering West Bloomfield Township, home to a whole lot of lakes in southeast Michigan. This neighborhood is cut down the middle vertically by Franklin Road The north border rides along Long Lake Road, and the south side borders Lone Pine Road, while the east side is hugged by Telegraph Road and the west side is Inkster Road. You have the Wabeek Country Club on the west side, and Bloomfield Hills High School on the east side, followed by the subdivisions of: Lone Pine Hills, Bloomfield Heights, Echo Park, and The Hill's of Lone Pine.

In the last year, there are 47 homes active, pending and sold ranging from a $450,000 home on 0.78 acres with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2,712 total square feet, situated on 1.04 acres and built in 1955 to a new construction home set to be completed in several months for $3,200,000 with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 6,270 total square feet, situated on 0.51 acres.

Bloomfield Hills South, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Bloomfield Hills South, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Welcome to Bloomfield Hills South! This rectangle has Lone Pine Road on the northern most end, Telegraph road on the west, Lahser road on the east and West 14 Mile on the south. Bloomfield Hills South has Oakland Hills Country Club smack dab in the middle of it, as well as the following from north to south: Lone Pine Estates, Gilbert Lake, Peabody Orchards, Oaks of Bloomfield, Miller estates, Thorncrest, Oakland Hills Vistas, Berkshire Glens, and Berkshire Villas. This neighborhood is just west of Bloomfield Village, which was the first neighborhood I talked about.

In the last year, there are 47 homes that are active, pending and sold ranging from a $415,000 home with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2,055 total square feet, situated on 0.59 acres and built in 1960 to a $2,950,000 home on 0.52 acres and built in 2024 with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and 6,409 total square feet.

Bloomfield Hills Southwest, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Bloomfield Hills Southwest, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

We went east and we went west, now we are talking about Bloomfield Hills Southwest. The neighborhood is three layers like a good Tiramisu (Tiramisu is actually 4 just FYI), with Quarton Road cutting off the top third, West Maple Road slicing up the middle third and West 14 Mile Road handling the bottom third. Going from north to south, we have: The Bloomfield Square Ferguson Park, Bloomfield Square Hunter Park (highly recommend if you're into the nature spots), Lone Pine Crest sub, Kirkwood, Wayside Glen, West Maple Elementary School which is practically touching the Knollwood Country Club just west of the neighborhood, Maple Meadows, Meadow Lake Farms, and the French School of Detroit.

In the last year, there are 63 homes ranging from a $385,000 home on 0.70 acres with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,768 total square feet, and built in 1957 to a $2,525,000 home on 0.78 acres that was built in 2023 and has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 7,318 total square feet, with lake privileges.

City Center, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

City Center, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Moving along to City Center, which just like the name states, is the center of the city. The Woodward corridor cuts diagonally right through it practically. So if you're someone who wants to live right in the center of it all, this is a good spot for you. Granted Bloomfield Hills doesn't really have that downtown experience, it's still a place full of amenities. Being just north of Bloomfield Village and west of Charing Cross this community from north to south has: Chestnut Hill's, Hill's of Bloomfield, Barrington Park, Echo Ridge, Roeper School (Bloomfield Campus), Cedarbrook of Bloomfield, St. Hugo of the Hills, A chunk of the Oakland Community College District Office, Hyup Acres, Whitehall, Bloomfield Hunt Club Estates, Bloomfield Sites, Barton Hills, Stoneycroft Hills Golf Club, Bloomfield Hills Country Club, Donnely Farm Sub, Barden Woods Condos, Throwbridge Farms, Country Club Estates, Briarbank, Barden Gardens, Lower Fields/Tennis courts, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Lone Pine View, Edgemere, Bog garden, Martell, South Cranbrook, Cranbrook Quarton Road Estates, Kingswood Hills, Brookwood, Lakewood Heights, among a few more. That was a mouthful, It's packed in the city center to say the least!

In The last year, there have been 74 active, sold and pending listings ranging from a

$420,000 home on 0.83 acres and built in 1962 with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and 2,312 total square feet to a $8.5 million home on 1.05 acres and built in 2024 with 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 9,317 total square feet.

Being as the city center is right along Woodward avenue, there's a lot of commercial spaces, businesses, restaurants, stores, etc. So if being in close proximity or walking distance is important to you, this neighborhood may be great for you!

Off-Center City Center?

Bloomfield Hills North-ish, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan?

bloomfield hills michigan | living in bloomfield hills michigan | bloomfield hills

I put a question mark there because this section doesn't really have a name. Some

sources just say it's Stoneleigh Rd / Ardmore Dr of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan or Lahser/Telegraph since there's technically already a Bloomfield Hills north and northwest that border Pontiac. Anyway, this ax shape, goes North until Square Lake road, west is Telegraph road, east is Lahser road, and south is Lone Pine Road. I say off-center city center because that right angle wraps around the city center, while also bordering Bloomfield hills east on the eastern most chunk.

In the last year, there are 83 active, pending and sold homes ranging from a $341,300 home with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2,829 total square feet, on 0.38 acres and built in 1962 to a $3,500,000 home with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 5,303 total square feet, on 0.79 acres and built in 2024.

South Center, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan?

Bloomfield Hills Southeast, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan?

bloomfield hills michigan | living in bloomfield hills michigan | bloomfield hills

Welcome to South Center/Southeast. Again, I'm making up names hoping they stick. You have Bloomfield Hills Southwest to the left and Bloomfield Hills South to the right, so it's either south center or southeast in a weird way, just go with it (I'm doing this so they're easily remembered). This neighborhood goes north until Lone Pine Road, south until West 14 Mile Road, east until Telegraph Road, and west until Franklin Road.

Within this neighborhood from north to south is: The Dells of Bloomfield, Wood Crest Farms, Wood Lake Hills, Bloomfield Hills Middle School, Conant Elementary School, the one and only Wing Lake, Wing lake park island, Wing lake Development Center, St. Owen Parish, Foxcroft of Bloomfield Condominiums, Spruce Hill, Birmingham Farms, and Brookside Village.

In the last year, there have been 63 active, pending and sold homes ranging from a $340,000 home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,790 total square feet, built in 1963 and situated on 0.35 acres to a $3,500,000 home with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 6,536 square feet, situated on 1.21 acres and built in 2024.

Lake Center, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan?

bloomfield hills michigan | living in bloomfield hills michigan | bloomfield hills

Again, another question mark because this neighborhood doesn't necessarily have a name to it, but I think lake center is a good fit. Other sources will call it Kirkway Rd / Apple Ln. I saved this one for last, because a lot of people don't think there are lake living opportunities in Bloomfield Hills and I'm here to tell you there is.

This neighborhood in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, boasts a diverse and appealing real estate market. The area is predominantly made up of medium-sized (three or four-bedroom) to large (four, five, or more-bedroom) single-family homes and townhomes. The majority of these properties are owner-occupied, which contributes to a well-kept and stable community atmosphere.

The neighborhood features a mix of architectural styles, ranging from classic designs to more contemporary builds, offering a variety of options to suit different tastes and preferences, while having the ability to be on a lake. The homes are generally well-established, with mature landscaping and tree-lined streets adding to the charm and appeal of the area.

Residents enjoy a tranquil suburban setting with convenient access to local amenities, including parks, schools, shopping centers, and dining options. The combination of beautiful homes, a strong sense of community, and the picturesque environment makes the Kirkway Rd / Apple Ln neighborhood a highly desirable place to live in Bloomfield Hills.

In the last year, there have been 47 active, pending and sold homes ranging from a $525,000 home on 0.54 acres and built in 1976 to a $14,900,000 home on 7.55 acres with 1,190 feet of water frontage and built in 1926. 16 of the results are located on waterfronts and range from a $825,000 home on 0.40 acres, and built in 1955 to the $14.9 million one I mentioned already.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Summary:

Here's a summary of all the areas within Bloomfield Hills, Michigan that I talked about. That notch at the bottom right that would complete this pretty rectangle is Birmingham and the neighborhoods that are compiled together to make that community.

bloomfield hills michigan | living in bloomfield hills michigan | bloomfield hills

Frequently Asked Questions

About Moving To And Living In Bloomfield Hills Michigan:

  • What neighborhood in Bloomfield Hills Michigan would be best for me?

    • It depends on the type of lifestyle you're looking for. As you can tell from exploring the details of these Bloomfield Hill's neighborhoods, they have similar pricing throughout, so that's where your wants and needs list becomes VERY important. Are you wanting to have a Golf/country club close by? Are you wanting lake access or lake privileges? Do you want to be closer to the action in the City Center area, so you can walkabout as much as the area offers? In a housing market with limited inventory it's always good to keep your options open, because at the end of the day it's still Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and that's where my 7 step due diligence guide is crucial too. I linked that HERE. Fell free to reach out and we can discuss more! Contact Andrew

  • That's a lot of area to cover, how would I make the most of my time if I visited Bloomfield Hills Michigan to find the best spot for me?

    • Definitely understand that! Especially if you're someone who has a planned trip here and don't want to just keep driving in circles. I always suggest people to start at the City Center and get familiar with what the area offers, and get familiar with the Woodward corridor, as it will be an area you travel no matter what neighborhood you find yourself in. Then branch out to the Charing Cross neighborhood as well as the Bloomfield Village area too. It's not too far from the City Center and there's a variety of housing types that can get you acquainted real quick with how the neighborhoods and subdivisions are in the area. Then, depending on the lifestyle you're looking for, branching out to the "Lake Center" area that's full of lakes will give you a sense of the waterfront possibilities if that's what your priority is. Keep in mind, especially if you're someone who prioritizes a downtown space, Bloomfield Village, Charing Cross and the City Center are the closest neighborhoods to the highly desirable downtown of Birmingham. Fell free to reach out and we can discuss more! Contact Andrew

  • I am looking for a certain house type/architecture in Bloomfield Hills Michigan, where should I look?

    • Well, the thing about Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is there's not necessarily a particular area that has a certain architecture over another, the area prides itself in having a wide variety of home styles, of course there are little pocket subdivisions that can be a little more uniform definitely. There's areas that were developed before others in terms of the neighborhoods within the city, but the year doesn't always reflect on certain neighborhoods because there are a lot of architects and builders demolishing and renovating homes to build homes to their liking. You'll see modern, contemporary, ranches, Tudors, cape cods, craftsman, colonials, and mid-century modern homes. There have been SEVERAL award winning architects in the area that have left their mark and it's truly led to Bloomfield Hills being one of a kind. Fell free to reach out and we can discuss more! Contact Andrew

  • What are the property taxes in Bloomfield Hills Michigan?

    • Property tax amounts are HIGHLY situational based on the price of the home, school district and whether it's in the city of Bloomfield Hills or the township. A wonderful resource is this Michigan property tax calculator where you would punch in the county (Oakland in this case), whether it's Bloomfield Hills or Bloomfield Township, then the school district the home is in which you can either see on a particular home's listing that's for sale or use the school district map below to help. The lowest millage rate in Michigan is in the mid-upper 20's, which is a rate to calculate property taxes, whereas Bloomfield Hills is in the mid-upper 30's. Fell free to reach out and we can discuss more! Contact Andrew

  • What's the demographic like in Bloomfield Hills Michigan?

    • Here's some data about the population, income, education, employment, housing, health, and more right HERE

  • What are other notable rankings about Bloomfield Hills Michigan?

    • Find more HERE For Bloomfield Hills and more HERE for Bloomfield Township

bloomfield hills michigan rankings

bloomfield charter township michigan rankings

  • What's the most common reason you see people choose one area over another in Bloomfield Hills?

    • A Great question. Despite everything being fairly close together (I mean all of these neighborhoods are squished together in just over 30 square miles). The school district is often what's prioritized over everything else, and of course that all depends on what chapter of life you're in. If you're closer to retirement your options open up quite a bit more, but if you're highly focused on good education for your children, you may be slimming down your options.

Here's the Bloomfield Hills Michigan School District Map:

Looks like a mess doesn't it? No worries! i have a link to it HERE so you can zoom in on the areas a little better.

bloomfield hills michigan schools

Other Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Articles:

Thank you as always for reading, if you’re ever looking to buy, sell or invest, don’t hesitate to reach out. I'm happy to be your go to resource. Until next time!



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